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TOPIC 19 European and American Architecture c. 1800-1900 I. Thomas Jefferson (American) A. He was a “polymath” – a renaissance man of many pursuits one being architecture 1. He designed numerous buildings in home town Charlottesville B. Virginia State Capitol (Richmond) 1785 – 89 1. Architecture of the beginning of the romantic periods 2. Style of neo-classicism new classical revival (a) comes in at the tail of the 18 th century (with a sort of a vengeance) 3. Cool, precise, pure white, no color, no mixing of materials 4. Rectilinear rather than curvilinear – almost a code for moral rectitude (a) Pure and moral about strong straight lines…so different from flimsy curved lines of Rococo 5. Entrance porch: (a) Compared to ancient Roman temple (Maison Carree) located in France and dating back to the “first century BC referred to as “Republican” period – this is before Rome was an empire…it was a republic i He visited this at some point and referred to it as the most precious piece of architecture on earth 6. He’s taken the front of a Roman temple with six basic columns, and a pediment, and a flight of steps reaching up to it (a) He’s even made it a little more austere…his columns are unfluted, instead of Corinthian capitals he has ionic, columns are broader (b) further purism and further austerity (c) Switches from columns to pilasters on the side walls, but still very similar 7. Reasoning: (a) Rejections of decadent Rococo style, with substitution of white rectilinear architecture to impart a sense of dignity and moral rectitude 8. Suggesting a rebirth of the republican values and virtues of ancient Roman in the US 9. Side Note (not tested) –the White House is similar in architecture…same basic idea 10. Symbolic of how much the US owes to ancient Rome (think of the word “capitol” derived from the name of a hill in Rome where the Capitol was and “capital” as in Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, but the actual buildings are referred to as capitol – with the “o”) II. A. (we go from late 18 th century to early 19 th century and from American to England) B. The House of Parliament (London) begun 1836 1. Principally responsible for overall design 2. Pugin was more responsible for interiors (i.e. from windows to ink wells) 3. Neo-Gothic architecture 4. Gothic architecture can be used in serious sense… (a) British thought Gothic was morally superior style of architecture (b) The English claimed that Gothic was sort of their national style (c) They said it was both British and Christian…
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i So appropriate style to build governmental building 5. Build when the previous Houses of Parliament burned down 6. Famous large faced clock named ________ 7. Largest building in the world when it was built 8. 900 feet loon, approx 1,100 rooms 9. Features of Gothic architecture (a) Designed deliberately reflecting the earby architectural style of a true gothic church – Westminters Abbey
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354fe34df76c324f3d051c95da7d05b6 - TOPIC 19 European and...

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