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Topic 23 Abstract Art: Does not represent anything in the visible world Non-Objective Art: Synonym for abstract; art containing no recognizable objects Mysticism: Theory to which knowledge of God, of spiritual truth, of ultimate reality cannot be attained through reason, rational intelligence, or sense perception, but only through subjective experience, meditation, inner vision, etc… Kandinsky (Russian) - Landscape with a Church 1905 Thick paint Flat surface Kandinsky – Landscape with a Church 1909 Kandinsky – Painting with a Black Arch 1912
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Aka The Black Curve 6 x 6 ft Painted as a member of Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) Offshoot of German Expressionism Formed in Munich, 1911 Broke up with outbreak of WWI in 1914 *art groups were formed in the first half of 20 th century 1900-1950* Forms that resemble things in nature Vague Patches of color and lines Lines are independent of the color forms Lines do not enclose or outline anything “Free the lines”
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