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Fall2011-ECO202-mod6-sref-BuckmireR - Rodney Buckmire ECON...

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Rodney Buckmire ECON 202 Reflective Essay Dr. Kernodle
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Reflective Essay As I reflect on the course, I believe that I have demonstrated an ability to understand the terms utilized in macro-economics, differentiate between fiscal and monetary policy, understand the major sources of government revenue and expenditures, the national debt, and deficit spending. Taking this course during the economic times that we are living in today makes for an interesting learning experience. Understanding the different economic principles of macro- economics’ has made listening to the news and reading current events more meaningful. The information presented in the course is relevant to the situation that the American economy and the world economy have been facing and will continue to have to overcome. The understanding that I have gained throughout this course will undoubtedly make me a more conscientious voter and taxpayer. It is amazing to think just how connected the
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Fall2011-ECO202-mod6-sref-BuckmireR - Rodney Buckmire ECON...

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