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MOD 5 Case[1] - Working Conditions How does Potential...

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Working Conditions 1 How does Potential Hazards in Public Work Areas Impact Us Byron E. Ferguson Eth 301 – Business Ethics Module 5 Case Assignment Dr. Bruce Gillies May 29, 2010
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Working Conditions 2 Do you agree with New York’s ban on smoking in bars and restaurants? The ban on smoking in bars and restaurant could possibly save many New Yorker lives, if nothing else reduces percentages of unnecessary exposure to hazards or toxins harmful to the human body. This ban sends a clear message to smokers who in my opinion are viewed by many—individuals not concerned about their own well being; in that case maybe this measure take steps to protect none smokers (employer, workers, and patrons) against a dangerous, silent but deadly killer. Studies show tobacco use kills more than five million people yearly, more than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Those numbers are staggering and if current trends continue, it could kill more than eight million people every year by 2030, in due course up to one billion during the 21 st century. Although numbers stated earlier targets smokers, non smokers are at even greater risk of dying due to second-hand smoke typically found in many bars and restaurants in most cities.
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