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RODNEY BUCKMIRE FINANCE 301 MODULE 1 CASE ASSIGNMENT Yes, I do believe the finance department is the best department. The reason I say this, all businesses are generally centered on profits, so a CFO would be more knowledgeable to handle these concerns. If he/she stays current on their skills and take their talents seriously, they could become effective CEO’s with further training. The problems, are they more incline to earn a paycheck and a status position? Or, are they genuinely concerned about the overall operations of the business. The pros, according to one article by Anderson & Associates that they are a close link to the CEO and with the survey’s that were conduct they contend that CFO’s have the ability to communicate with shareholders, to focus on the establishment of their value, and to incorporate performances and controls. Also, a California company named Pacific Gas and Electric, the largest’s investor-owned utility named former CFO, Peter Darbee to become CEO. They believe this to be a positive due to the fact the Mr. Darbee
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