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acc560 week 7 discussion 2

acc560 week 7 discussion 2 - simply a collection of...

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The balanced scorecard was created to replace financial measures as the primary  mechanism for performance evaluation. The intention is to use only nonfinancial  measures. Agree or Disagree? Explain. I disagree with the statement because the balanced scorecard incorporates both financial and nonfinancial measures  in an integrated system that links performance measurement and a company’s strategic goals.  That is, the balanced  scorecard goes beyond standard financial measures to include the following additional perspectives:  the customer  perspective, the internal process perspective, and the learning and growth perspective. These four categories are no 
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Unformatted text preview: simply a collection of independent perspectives. The ultimate objectives of the organization are usually financial, but better financial results cannot be attained without improving customers' perceptions of the company's products and services. In order to improve customers' perceptions of products and services, it is usually necessary to improve internal business processes so that the products and services are actually better. And in order to improve the business processes, it is necessary that employees learn....
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