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Pratt (2008) Notes - Please use the tabs below to view Sheet 1 AND Sheet 2 SCS1150 Prof. N. Abu-Zahra 2010 Lisa is a live-in domestic worker for Canadian families LCP- Live-in Caregiver Program is a work visa program 20,000 in the LC;, 2,500 Filipinos daily go overseas as contract workers 34-54% of Filipino families dependent on remittances Many women in the LCP send back remittances “Care crisis” in Canada and the Philippines LCP not framed as a migration program Social perceptions of migrant labourers and settler migrants and its effect Moving through the LCP into citizenship: crossing a legal and social border Reunification does not end the LCP experience: family drawn into its orbit of social exclusion High rates of labour force participation among Filipino immigrants Difficulty of documenting family settlement: fragmented statistics and lack of awareness Goal of 27 interviews: document separation and reunification Difficulties in arranging interviews Privatization of responsibility: blaming the individual for his or her social or economic failure Goal of the text: analysis of the unwitting production of social and economic exclusion
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Pratt%20et%20al%202008%20notes - Pratt (2008) Notes -...

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