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SCS1150: Introduction to Studying the Social Sciences Name: Jacob Schaaf Outline and Annotated Reference List Section: O Marking Scheme Topic: Impact of technology (20% of final mark) Date submitted: February 14 2011 Criteria Comments Marks Outline The title page clearly identifies student, section topic, date due, date submitted. The outline: - identifies the topic concisely but clearly, - provides a clear thesis statement or the main argument the paper will develop, - specifically states key secondary arguments, - references sources in reference list that will provide supporting evidence for main and secondary arguments, - provides complete introduction and conclusion that follow instructions provided in the workshop. Background, question, and structure fit well together-Missing a third section. Question is very broad. Need to narrow it down. What parts of the world? In what ways has technology affected us? Socially, culturally, politically, economically? What do you mean by technology? Computers?
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