CIN2190- Monday, October-03-11

CIN2190- Monday, October-03-11 - CIN2190- Monday,...

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CIN2190- Monday, October-03-11 Soviet Cinema, Theories, Porter- The Great Train Robbery -1903 - you can see one of the first camera movements in the history of cinema -one of the first special effects- you can see the movement through the door, the forest when it is just a film of the forest – back projection -humorous moments -the train is always present in the film, always visually interesting as it is always occupied in some position, background, foreground, plays an aesthetic role -fascinating with all the movement going on in the film -the camera is panning, one of the first pans in history, the camera is following them, ex: it was focused on them then goes to the left of the screen. -very dynamic compression from the movement of the background and the action but yet the camera remains still -a great train robbery, the bad guys- the robbers going through the upgrading centre, taking control, robbing the train and passengers- trying to get away and then the city people followed them and a battle ensued and the bad guys were kills – mysterious and unsettling close up at the
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CIN2190- Monday, October-03-11 - CIN2190- Monday,...

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