CIN2190- Monday, September-19-11

CIN2190- Monday, September-19-11 - CIN2190- Monday,...

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CIN2190- Monday, September-19-11 p. 92- chart -train movies- reoccurring Slapstick Comedy -in the 20 th century, seems like an American invention. -ex: Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Keaton. -Started in France -We will see how this tradition is still present in today’s films -Slapstick comedy is one of the first films to show comedy -Blumenberg. An introduction to film. -P. 108 “The 1920s in American film history are called by some the Age of Comedy” -P. 108: actors take “centre screen” Their action influence camera movement and editing –as oppose to stage acting, acting in Slapstick was very obvious that the movement was for fun- making and film-making. The notion of the actors body, movement, gestures, mimics, are central to our understanding of slapstick comedy. -Gesture: mime and body movement. –specific style, basics of gestures in slapstick comedy. Comedy Kings -1 -Mack Sennet: 1912 Keystone comedies –founder produced films known as the Keystone Comedies -Cook. P. 71: was actor with Griffith -Slapstick: “influenced by circus, vaudeville, burlesque, pantomime, the comic strip and the chase films of the French Actor Max Linder” -one of his famous protégé was Charlie Chaplin -one of the major features in circus is the dangerous movements, one of the major numbers in entertainment is the clowns- they use slapstick comedy. -Love, sex, and comedy go together in burlesque, plus singing and dancing. -Pantomime- mimes -The comic strip- the use of comics and how popular they were at that time. Troubles of a Grasswidower -Maxlinder film-1908 -set was like a theatre type, how the actors faced the camera -short clips of different scenarios, repetitive actions, humours. Comedy Kings- 2 -Charlie Chaplin: Sennett’s protégé - 1914: Mabel’s Strange Predicament: the tramp was born –Charlie’s character, the way that he dresses, his suit, his boots, etc. He created a character “the tramp” and the tramp evolved, a film was created in 1915 “The Tramp” -1915: moved to Essanay: two-reelers
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CIN2190- Monday, September-19-11 - CIN2190- Monday,...

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