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Take Home Exm - Welles’ or Hitchcock’s and an...

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Final paper. December 2010. CIN 2190. History &Aesthetics of Cinema Professor: Walid El Khachab Deadline for submission of final paper: December 15 th at noon. You can submit your paper anytime as of today. Drop point: slide your paper under my door: ARTS 136, or put it in my drop box in the Dept of communication on 554 King Edward Write 8-10 double spaced pages, Times New Roman 12 on one of the following topics: 1- Compare a neorealist film to a New wave film on FOUR counts. Example: editing; narration; camera angles; shot size; acting style; dialogue, etc… 2- Discuss FOUR differences and/or similarities between an auteur film (e.g.
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Unformatted text preview: Welles’ or Hitchcock’s) and an expressionist film. You do not need to have a cover sheet. Just make sure your name, your course code, your professor’s name are on the first page. You must use at least two print references that are not included in the course pack (articles or books) other than web sources. You must provide a bibliography at the end of your paper. You must use foot notes. Follow this model in referencing: Albert John . A History of Cinema . New York: Warner Books. 1991.pp.4-8. Good Luck! W.K. 1...
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