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Faculté des sciences sociales | Faculty of Social Sciences INTRODUCTION TO CANADIAN POLITICS POLI-2101 C André Lecours Fall 2011 Course hours: Monday 16:00-17:30 and Wednesday 14:30-16:00 Office : DMS 8146 Classroom: DMS 1160 E-mail : [email protected] Office Hrs: Monday15:00-16:00 and Wednesday 10:30-11:30 and by appointment Any questions sent by email should receive a response within two business days or during the following class if taken place within the 48 hours following receipt of the email. Note that the professor reserves the right not to answer an email if the level of language used is inadequate. Please note that this course is on Virtual Campus. Official Course Description Foundations of the Canadian political space. Constitution, parliamentary government, federalism. Political parties and elections. Overview of political forces (classes, groups, movements). General Course Objectives This course is the foundation course in Canadian politics. It looks to provide students with basic knowledge of Canadian political institutions, actors, dynamics and issues. Specific Course Objectives This course will provide students with knowledge into the nature, structure and workings of Canadian institutions (the constitution, parliamentary system, federalism, the bureaucracy, etc…), political parties, and the Canadian political community, including its most important cleavages. Teaching Methods This course will consist primarily of lectures. Participation in class, in the form of questions and comments, is strongly encouraged. Assessment Methods Students will be evaluated based on one mid-term exam, one research paper and one final exam. Components of Final Mark Mid-term exam, October 19th 40% 1 course paper, due November 23 (topics to be assigned) 20% Final exam (date to be announced later) 40%
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Text There is a required text for this course which can be purchased from the bookstore. It is: Rand Dyck, Canadian Politics. Critical Approaches, Nelson, 9 th edition, 2011. Students will be expected to complete the assigned readings prior to each class. Policy on language quality and late submissions
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Syllabus - Facult des sciences sociales | Faculty of Social...

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