2007 throne - Speech From The Throne - Moving Forward The...

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Speech From The Throne - Moving Forward The Ontario Way - November 29, 2007 Mr. Speaker, Members of the Legislative Assembly, people of Ontario. Today, it is my privilege to deliver this government's third Speech from the Throne. This is a first for me -- as Ontario's new Lieutenant Governor -- and I want to take this opportunity to wish all members of this Assembly well in your work. And I want to extend a special welcome to those of you who are, like me, new to the Assembly. Whatever its flaws, parliamentary democracy represents many of humankind's highest ideals. The notion that no person is deemed to be better than his or her neighbour, the rule of law is clearly superior to the whim of dictators, debate is preferable to distemper, and collective wisdom has far more value than individual impulse. May you be inspired by these ideals -- and by the work done by those who came before you. Since the last Speech from the Throne, nine former MPPs have passed away. I ask you to remember Fred Burr, Doug Ford, Anthony Grande, George A. Kerr, Bert Lawrence, Robert MacQuarrie, Robert Mitchell, Ian Scott and Mel Swart. The people of Ontario are grateful to them for dedicating a portion of their lives to our democracy. And we are inspired by those who risk their lives in defence of the principles that sustain that democracy. I speak of the brave Canadians who are standing up for freedom today in Afghanistan, and those who have fallen in its defence in conflicts throughout our history. Together, we pledge that their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all of our veterans -- commemorated recently at Remembrance Day and by Ontario's Tribute to the Fallen, and enshrined permanently along Ontario's Highway of Heroes -- will not be forgotten. As well, we recall the sacrifice and service of our police, firefighters and emergency workers, who put their lives on the line each day to protect Ontario families. Finally, we recognize the efforts of the people you have pledged to serve -- the people of Ontario. Children, whose wonder knows no bounds. Parents, whose love knows no limits. Seniors, whose work built this province. The volunteers who take on the thankless tasks, the health care workers who comfort the sick, the educators who share their knowledge, the entrepreneurs who take the risks, the employers who provide the jobs, and the workers who lift us all up. The hard-working men and women of Ontario who, together, make this the finest province in the best country in the world. While it is as beautiful as any of its sisters to the east or west, Ontario knows its true grandeur lies not in its landscapes or lakes, but in the diversity of its people. Our people speak every language, embrace every culture, and have ties to every corner of the globe, but they share a common goal --. to build a better life for themselves and their families, predicated on a belief in opportunity for all.
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2007 throne - Speech From The Throne - Moving Forward The...

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