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2010 throne - Speech From The Throne Open Ontario Plan...

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Speech From The Throne - Open Ontario Plan - March 8, 2010 Mr. Speaker, Members of the Legislative Assembly, people of Ontario. Since the global recession struck, things have been difficult for many Ontario families. In the manufacturing sector, the last two years have been particularly hard. Many of us know someone who has lost a job. Perhaps even in our own families. Some say the worst has passed and the recession is ending. Yet the damage remains. Companies have downsized, some have moved, some have closed their doors for good -- not just here in Ontario, but in neighbouring states and provinces, and places all around the world. No place has escaped the Great Recession unscathed. That is why your government is responding to the extraordinary challenge of the global recession with two extraordinary measures. First: it plans to invest over $32 billion in roads, bridges, public transit and energy retrofits for our schools. This is creating and sustaining over 300,000 jobs and puts money into the hands of families, where it is needed -- and it is stimulating our economy while we emerge from the recession. Second: your government is supporting Ontarians in their choice to go back to school so they can get a good job -- not just any job. Ontario's Second Career Program is a first for Canada because it supports up to two years of long-term training. For people like Jason Boylan -- one of the first participants in the program -- Second Career has made a real, positive difference. When he was laid off from an auto parts manufacturing job, he enrolled in Culinary Management at Fleming College. Jason graduates in a few weeks and has several good job offers on the table. Your government congratulates him -- and over 26,000 other Ontarians who have entered the program. The Open Ontario Plan Helping people and communities hurt by the recession is an important responsibility your government takes seriously. But it is also laying a new foundation for growth. Because -- even in tough times -- Ontarians have always looked to their future. Where others see a world that threatens, Ontarians see opportunity that beckons. We carved our province out of a harsh northern land. Our people endured, and they thrived. They began to mine the land, and harvest the forests. Our people built farms and schools and towns and cities. We gave the world great artists, poets and novelists. We invented medicines that have saved millions of lives. We laid down our lives on the battlefields of history's bloodiest wars.
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We built the cars, trains and planes that moved the world into the 20th century. We built an economy supporting a quality of life for our families that is the envy of the world. And as we begin the second decade of the 21st century -- as our world faces unprecedented economic, environmental and social challenges -- one thing remains clear.
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