King Lear and The Stone Angel Compare and Contrast Essay

King Lear and The Stone Angel Compare and Contrast Essay -...

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Peace Of Mind Peace of mind is the most important part of being happy in life. In both the play King Lear by William Shakespeare and the novel The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence the main characters had a difficult time finding peace in their lives. Both King Lear and Hagar made many mistakes in their lives. Although, only Hagar eventually realizes that she has made many mistakes in her life. Only Hagar eventually finds peace in her life. This proves the point that one must fully realize his or her errors to achieve peace in their life. In both King Lear and The Stone Angel there are many similar mistakes that the main characters perform. Hagar and King Lear eventually regret both of their parenting styles that they used with one of their children. In The Stone Angel, Hagar feels as if Marvin is not her son. Hagar says, “I almost felt that way myself, to tell the truth, only with me it was even more. I almost felt as though Marvin weren’t my son” (P. 62). With her feeling this way, it shows that she does not care for her own son, much like what King Lear showed when he banished Cordelia. After Cordelia told Lear about how she only loves him as a daughter should, he got extremely mad and banished her from his kingdom. Lear says, “Here I disclaim all my parental care,/ Propinquity and property of blood,/ And as a stranger to my heart and me/ Hold thee from tis forever” (I.i.115-8). An- other similarity that happens between The Stone Angel and King Lear was that both of the main characters became isolated at one point in the book or play. Hagar became an
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outsider when she fled to Shadow Point to escape from the controlling hands of Marvin and Doris. Hagar talks about wanting to run to a place where it is quiet and peaceful, “I can recall a quiet place, I think, and not so very far from here. Didn’t we go there for a picnic? Was it this year? Now, if the name will only come to me. The name is necessary, essential. For the ticket. Point Something. Was it? What’s the Point? Like a plague of blackflies, the phrases buss and mock me. Then it comes. Shadow Point.” (P. 139) Hagar longs for freedom and she believes that being isolated at Shadow Point will give her this freedom. In King Lear, King Lear is isolated when he is put into the storm by
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King Lear and The Stone Angel Compare and Contrast Essay -...

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