Dance Festival - R 1 Roberto Avila Instructor Jennie Pitts...

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R 1 Roberto Avila Instructor Jennie Pitts Dan 266 22 November 2011 Fall Dance Festival Delivers Talent, Culture and Spunk The lights dimmed and the auditorium came to silence. The long nights of choreography practice would soon funnel into tonight’s performance. Within the steps and rhythms of the dancers, the dancers would exhibit the painstaking hours of practice in the studio tonight. Among strangers, families, and friends, these artists would utilize their dancing to interpret their ideas, emotions, and technique to the vast audience. Inside the eventful night, several standout artists and performances would take the stage and show forth their ideas, emotions, and talent to all attendants. Immediately the performance was opened with a classical new era ballet, “The Kingdom of the Shades”, a section from Ballet La Bayadere . The dance enveloped the audience in a trance as the angel like costuming of film tutu’s and feather styled motions bombarded the show floor. The beautiful piece encompassed everything of a classic, from the posture and pristine form, to the swiftness and elegance of the performance as a single entity. The heavily orchestrated music by Ludwig Minkus, set a definite sense of high order and form. Each performer in the group knew their place, role and played it outstandingly well. The performance brought the audience into a surreal time frame where one believed they were within the French quarters, bestowed within their alluring
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This note was uploaded on 01/31/2012 for the course DANCE 200 taught by Professor Pitts during the Spring '11 term at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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Dance Festival - R 1 Roberto Avila Instructor Jennie Pitts...

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