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Experiment Unit A Performance evaluation of a single beam spectrophotometer: 1. Purity of the light a. The exit slit width increases the spectral purity of the light, but decreases the intensity of light striking the sample. b. The presence of stray light decreases the purity of a light beam. c. Stray light in the exit beam from the monochromator reduces the linear range over which the Lamber-Beer laws apply. d. Stray light content of an exit beam increases as wavelength decreases. e. SBW, spectral band width, is used express the spectral purity of light produced by a
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Unformatted text preview: monochrometor. f. For BG spectrophotometer at any given wavelength, the larger the SBW, the lower the spectral purity of light. g. As the spectral purity of light decreases, the accuracy of absorbance measurements decreases. 2. Accuracy of wavelength setting Use the table provided. 3. Accuracy of a photometer 4. Linearity of photometer Use of a chart recorder to record absorbance measurements:...
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