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CEM 351 Exam 1 - triplet a doublet or a singlet etc From...

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hi-- A number of people have written me with questions about the sample tests on the  website, what numerical values to memorize, etc.  First, the scope of the test is the materials we covered through last Friday's  lecture--i.e. Chapters 1,2,13,14 in Bruice 6/e, or 1,2,12,13 in the 5th edition.  More or less any of the problems in those chapters would be "fair game" for this  test.  Second, what to memorize. For this exam, I am less concerned that you know the  exact values/ranges for specific spectroscopic peaks than that you should grasp  the basic ideas of where and how such peaks occur (why does a triple bond appear  at higher frequency than a double bond in the IR; why does a C-H on a carbon  attached to Cl resonate at higher frequency/further "downfield" than a C-H that's  only got C's and H's attached? Why can a methyl peak in 1H NMR only be either a 
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Unformatted text preview: triplet, a doublet, or a singlet? etc.) From there, I expect that you can use the tables of ranges to help assign peaks in problems where you're identifying compounds. Third, why do some of the sample tests have a bunch of scary materials we don't recognize? Really, the most relevant example for the first midterm is the one from 2007, where we were using the Bruice book, and teaching in this order (chapters 1 and 2, then spectroscopy chapters). You should, however be able to handle some parts of questions 2,3,5, and 6 from the 2003 one. I'm looking forward to seeing you Wednesday! Study hard, but don't obsess! Dear Students, A few reminders about the BMB department courses: 1) BMB 461/472 are only offered in the fall (472 can be taken before BMB 471) 2) BMB 462/471 are only offered in the spring Please be sure that you plan your schedules accordingly....
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CEM 351 Exam 1 - triplet a doublet or a singlet etc From...

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