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Yoruba Culture Quiz

Yoruba Culture Quiz - B Twins C Breach Birth D Girl 10 T/F...

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Samantha Williams AFST4501 4/27/2011 Quiz Questions 1. Which of these items would you NOT expect to find at a Yoruba Naming Ceremony? A. Water B. Salt C. Palm Oil D. Cornmeal 2. Who is the Supreme God of all in Yoruba Society? A. Shango B. Olodumare C. Tunde D. Ogun 3. Which of these IS a category of names in Yoruba Society? A. Oriki B. Paternal Names C. Maiden Names D. Nature Names 4. The ancient, sacred cult composed exclusively of women, called Iya Mi was responsible for doing what? A. Domestic Regulation B. Praising the Goddess C. Invisible Checks D. Advising the King 5. When a woman marries and moves into her husband’s compound, she is known as A. A Maid B. The Youngest One C.A Matron D. The Ultimate Authority 6. How Many Primordial Deities Were Women? A. 12 B. 3 C. 0 D. 1 7. Name a Female Primordial Deity A. Osun B. Isis C. Adesola D. Ijeoma 8. Within which family and branch is the Yoruba Language located? A. Afro-Asiatic B. Afro-Eurasian C. Niger-Congo D. Benin-Niger 9. The event of which kind of birth is considered the most auspicious? A. King’s Child
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Unformatted text preview: B. Twins C. Breach Birth D. Girl 10. T/F: In Yoruba Society, Women Dominate the Marketplace 11. T/F: In Yoruba Customs, People Generally Worship God Directly 12. T/F: In Yoruba Society, Oral Tradition Often Involves a Trickster 13. T/F: Proverbs Dominate the Majority of Yoruba Speech 14. T/F: The Talking Drum Mimics the Yoruba Language 15. T/F: The Dead/Ancestors Are Considered to be Extremely Important in Yoruba Society 16. T/F: Before Marriage, A Young Couple Must Consult the Oracle 17. In Yoruba Society, Who Is Privy to All Secrets A. Your Mother B. Your Wife C. Your Teacher D. Your Best Friend 18. Which Negative Caricature is NOT portrayed in Nollywood? A. Witches/Juju Practice B. Cheating Best Friend C. Crazy Stepmother D. Serial Killer 19. Which 2 of these 4 are NOT “Poured Elements”? A. Breast-Milk B. Blood C. Saliva D. Placental Fluids 20. Which is the Most Plentiful Natural Resource in Nigeria? A. Lumber B. Oil C. Zinc D. Coal...
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Yoruba Culture Quiz - B Twins C Breach Birth D Girl 10 T/F...

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