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Anubhav - Project Report A Harmonic-Suppression Microwave...

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Project Report A Harmonic-Suppression Microwave Bandpass Filter Based on an Inductively Compensated Microstrip Coupler Submitted by: ANUBHAV ADAK M.TECH(C.E.D.T) S.R.-No. : 4610-510-081-05841
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Microstrip coupler based bandpass filters are used for many applications. Several ways to implement bandpass filters are :- 1. Using stub line filters. This implementation consumes a large area. 2. Using conventional coupled band pass filters a. Asymmetric passband response. b. Spurious harmonics at first(2fo) and second (3fo). These are a result of inequality in even and odd mode phase velocities in inhomogeneous medium. To cure the above said problems:- a. Extra low pass or bandreject filters can be connected after the filter to suppress the noise at the cost of increased insertion loss trade off. Several techniques were proposed to equalize or compensate the phase velocity inequality effect in microstrip couplers. b. Corrugated or wiggly line couplers were used to remove the phase velocity inequality effect. Unfortunately these result from lack of pertinent design information.
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