L23X monopoly fdpd jpw - Simple Monopoly Performance &...

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microL23-F09- http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/wissink/econ1110jpw/ Discriminating Monopoly Lecture 23 Jennifer P. Wissink ©2009 John M. Abowd and Jennifer P. Wissink, all rights reserved. November 17, 2009
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microL23-F09- http://www.arts.cornell.edu/econ/wissink/econ1110jpw/ Announcements for Fall 2009 MyEconLab NOTES: Quiz#11 and Catch-Up Quiz#3 have been posted. I have fixed the way MEL reports points so they now make more sense (the defaults were different than the way I am doing things. Thanks to all of you who emailed me to point that out.) Magic number = 400 points (only points on quizzes count, and only the higher number, if you take the quiz twice). Once you get 400 MEL Quiz points you get a 100% on the TAgrade in the grading rubric. If you have less than 400 points at the end of the semester, then the minimum TAgrade is [(#of points you have)/400]*100. Your TA has the ability to increase this to 100% (max) if your TA (or I ) knows more about your level of effort in the class than your MEL grades tends to indicate. There is no other extra credit work. I have front loaded all of that into the way I give you the benefit of letting you use your MEL to minimize the damage from a bad prelim. So the extra credit is already being built in via MEL. Total number of MEL quiz points that will be available by the end will be at least 650. So there is still plenty of opportunity, even if you do not have that many MEL quiz points so far, and have not done too well on one prelim or the other. Grading Rubric Reminder (from syllabus):
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L23X monopoly fdpd jpw - Simple Monopoly Performance &...

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