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Sources for final exam - Final History Exam: Source...

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Final History Exam: Source Passages Eusebius on Constantine’s Vision Author: Eusebius Summary: Constantine was praying and a vision of a glorious cross was shown to him. The next day he had workers build the cross he had seen out of gold and precious stones. It then describes the cross as being the letters “P” and “X” laid over each other. He had a banner made with this cross in the middle and a picture of himself and his children on it as well, and he used it all the time. In adopting a Christian God, Constantine became traditionally Roman. Procopius on Justinian and the Nika Riots Author: Procopius Summary: A riot breaks out in Byzantium and the Blue and Green factions decide to team up and take over the city. The emperor and his court are in the palace hiding and trying to decide whether to leave or not. Empress Theodora says that it would be better to die as royalty than to flee and give that up. The generals Belisarius and Mundus then lead troops into the hippodrome and drive out the revolt. On the “People of the Book” (from the Quaran) Author: Muhammad Summary: Don’t dispute with the Christians unless on good terms, our Allah and their Allah are
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Sources for final exam - Final History Exam: Source...

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