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. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY .1 Introduction This chapter contains the information related to the research methodology that is going to be implemented in this dissertation. The aim of this section is to identify and justify the best suitable methodology that can facilitate the chronological analysis of collected information and at the end deliver the high qualify of information that is relevant to the study. In the following section, the research philosophy or paradigm that is going to be used throughout the research will be identified. Later, the details about the research methodology (research strategy) will be explained. Finally, procedure for data collection and analysis will be outlined along with the limitations for this research. .2 Research philosophy It is a belief about the way in which information about a phenomenon is gathered, analysed and used. There are two types of major research philosophies that have been identified namely positivism and Interpretivism. Positivism is the view that sociology should use the methods of natural science and it is objective, whereas Interpretivism is the view that the reality cannot be objectively defined and it can be socially constructed . Though a social science is not our concept, it is relevant to our study, since it involves interaction between human and technology that is considered as a social sciences rather than physical sciences. In this research, it is important to understand how the customers adopt the product that is new in technology and for this purpose the interpretivist philosophy is required. Furthermore, to understand how organisations can benefit from the product we need to use quantitative approach. However, the lack of objectivity linked with interpretivist research methods, we need to adapt positivist approach. The need of the research and to improve quality of the research the mixed approach research method (both positivist and interpretivist) is used in this research process. .3 Research strategy As mentioned in the above section, to increase the quality of findings and accuracy of data in this organisation specific research project, both qualitative and quantitative approach to research will be adopted. In this research, the theory is mostly an outcome rather than testing and inductive in nature. The research project is more of company specific nature, alongside the marketing activities involving with the Business-to-business industry requires more flexibility in the analysis of the data. As Easicam is planning to expand its business across different markets, assuming that a ‘standard’ marketing strategy will turn out equal results across different markets would be risky. It is therefore important for a qualitative approach to be implemented throughout this project and quantitative approach to understand the customer requirements in a particular market. .3.1
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Research Methodology - . RESEARCH METHODOLOGY .1...

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