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Detroit and has a warehouse in Atlanta. The company supplies cars to customers in Houston and Tampa. The costs of shipping a car between various points are listed in the file P15_81.xlsx, where a dash means that a shipment is not allowed. Los Angeles can produce up to 1100 cars, and Detroit can produce up to 2900 cars. Houston must receive 2400 cars, and Tampa must receive 1500 cars.
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Unformatted text preview: demands in Houston and Tampa. P15_81.xlsx: General Ford data Unit shipping costs To LA Detroit Atlanta Houston Tampa From LA-$140 $100 $90 $225 Detroit $145-$111 $110 $119 Atlanta $105 $115-$113 $78 Houston $89 $109 $121--Tampa $210 $117 $82--81. General Ford produces cars in Los Angeles and a. Determine how to minimize the cost of meeting...
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