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Exam 1 Study Sheet - CULF 3331 Study Sheet Exam 1 Exam#1...

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CULF 3331 Study Sheet: Exam 1 Exam #1 will be given on Thursday, March 24. We will review in class on March 22. The more prepared for review you are, the more useful it will be for you. Part One: Map Identification (30 points) On the map downloaded from Blackboard, you will identify 10 of the following locations. China Mekong Delta South China Sea Laos Red River Hanoi Thailand Truong Son Mtns. Ho Chi Minh City Cambodia Gulf of Tonkin Hue Tonking Annam Cochin China Part Two: Short Identification (40 points, 8 pts each) In Two/Three sentences you will briefly state the significance of 5 of the following terms. You will have the choice of seven. Civilizing Mission - The civilizing mission was initially championed by French Republican political leader Jules Ferry. Equal rights and citizenship were extended to those peoples who adopted French culture, including primary use of the French language in their lives, wearing Western clothes, and conversion to Christianity. Trung Sisters - The Trung Sisters were early Vietnamese women leaders who lead Vietnam in time of need, they defeated China in a time of crisis. The stories are exaggerated to make them superhuman. There is evidence that suggest the Trung Sister became cultic figures in parts of China. Berlin Conference (1884 85) - European powers met to impose divisions on the territory of Africa and to amicably assign control of African lands to one another. The result was the regulation of the "Scramble for Africa," or that last rush to seize and claim territory in the last largely unexploited continent in the word. No Africans participated in the negotiations. Hong Duc Code (1483) - This code, which had 721 articles, introduced heavy Confucian ethics into the civil and criminal laws. Containing six books, the Hong Duc Code remained in force until the nineteenth century. The Code granted women many rights including the right to own property and share equally with males in inheritance. Women were also recognized in common
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Exam 1 Study Sheet - CULF 3331 Study Sheet Exam 1 Exam#1...

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