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TYPE NAME PARAMETERS PORTS DESCRIPTION Single-Cycle assert_always #(severity_level, property_type, msg, coverage_level) (clk, reset_n, test_expr ) test_expr must always hold Two Cycles assert_always_on_edge #(severity_level, edge_type , property_type, msg, coverage_level) (clk, reset_n, sampling_event , test_expr ) test_expr is true immediately fol owing the specified edge (edge_type: 0=no-edge, 1=pos, 2=neg, 3=any) n-Cycles assert_change #(severity_level, width , num_cks , action_on_new_start , property_type, msg, coverage_level) (clk, reset_n, start_event , test_expr ) test_expr must change within num_cks of start_event (action_on_new_start: 0=ignore, 1=restart, 2=error) n-Cycles assert_cycle_sequence #(severity_level, num_cks , necessary_condition , property_type, msg, coverage_level) (clk, reset_n, event_sequence ) if the initial sequence holds, the final sequence must also hold (necessary_condition: 0=trigger-on-most, 1=trigger-on-first, 2=trigger-on-first- pipelined) wo Cycles sert_decrement (severity_level, idth alue roperty_type, msg, coverage_level) lk, reset_n, st_expr test_expr changes, it must decrement by the value parameter (modulo 2^width) Two Cycles assert_delta #(severity_level, width , min , max , property_type, msg, coverage_level) (clk, reset_n, test_expr ) if test_expr changes, the delta must be >=min and <=max Single Cycle assert_even_parity #(severity_level, width , property_type, msg, coverage_level) (clk, reset_n, test_expr ) test_expr must have an even parity, i.e. an even number of bits asserted Two Cycles assert_fifo_index #(severity_level, depth , push_width , pop_width , property_type, msg, coverage_level, imultaneous_push_pop (clk, reset_n, push , pop ) FIFO pointers should never overflow or underflow n-Cycles assert_frame #(severity_level, min_cks , max_cks , action_on_new_start , property_type, msg, verage_level) (clk, reset_n, start_event , test_expr ) test_expr must not hold before min_cks cycles, but must hold at least once by max_cks cycles (action_on_new_start: 0=ignore, 1=restart,
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