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Oracle Developer 6 i Database Administration Program Items The items in the Developer 6 i Admin program group can be used to build or drop the database schemas used to store Oracle Developer application objects in an Oracle Database. These items simplify the job of the DBA by allowing the scripts to be run from the Windows Start menu, instead of manually starting SQL*Plus and running the scripts individually. The program group items are created when the component "Oracle Developer - Database Tables" is installed via the Oracle Installer. Clicking on any of the icons in the Oracle Developer 6 i Admin program group will start SQL*Plus, log into the SYSTEM account of the database and run the neccesary SQL scripts. If you do not have SQL*Plus installed, you should install it from the Oracle Developer 6 i CD-ROM. The objects must be owned by the SYSTEM account. After invoking an icon, you will be prompted for the SYSTEM password and a database connect
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Unformatted text preview: string. Program Item Descriptions The common schema consists of database objects that are shared by Oracle Forms, Reports, Graphics and Procedure Builder. You need to create the common schema before storing application objects in the database. Once you have created the common schema, do not drop the common schema unless you intend to remove all application objects for all products from the database. Oracle Developer Build- creates the objects that comprise the common schema. Oracle Developer Drop- drops the objects that comprise the common schema. Oracle Developer Grant- grants access to the database objects to a user/PUBLIC Oracle Developer Revoke- revokes access to the database object for a give user/PUBLIC Please refer to individual product release notes for further details....
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