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The System Navigator supports the Altera ® Nios ® II embedded processor. The user can build a Nios II device with an (OCI ® ) On-Chip Instrumentation debug block. The OCI provides powerful trace, triggering, and performance analysis features for faster system and software debug and testing. The System Navigator is contained in a compact chassis that connects to the Nios II target system using a 10-pin JTAG debug connector. The system runs on a Windows ® 2000/XP PC over a USB 2.0 interface or optional 10/100 Ethernet connection. For source level debug, the System Navigator works with the Altera Eclipse-based IDE, Accelerated Technology code|lab debugger from Mentor Graphics, or the Viosoft Arriba embedded Linux debugger. Software Breakpoints An unlimited number of software breakpoints can be set anywhere in the physical address space of the processor. Software breakpoints are used only in areas with RAM memory. For breakpoints in flash memory, hardware breakpoints are used. Hardware Event Recognizers and Complex Triggers Up to 8 hardware breakpoints (4 instruction and 4 data) are available. Data triggers can specify data address ranges combined with masked data values. Triggers can be used to qualify specific actions, such as starting/stopping trace collection, storing single cycles, transition to another
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snav-NiosII - Technical Data for System Navigator for...

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