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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter Assignment Chapter 03: Marketing Ethics Enter your name, Section and Date: Alexis Unique Wardlaw Bus 360-001 1/23/11 Assignment: You are an automobile dealer and your manufacturer has just announced a new vehicle that they believe will be a hit in terms of both style and price since it has European features and is very competitively priced. The only apparent twist is the warranty on the vehicle is 50,000 miles rather than 100,000 which is standard for the manufacturer. You have learned that the reason for this is in an effort to get this vehicle to market quickly they used an existing transmission instead of developing one specifically for this vehicle and that as a result the transmission is expected to often require repair or sometimes replacement after around 60,000 miles. 1. What would you tell prospective buyers about this vehicle? 2.
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