BUS 360 project progress report

BUS 360 project progress report - and advertisements...

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North Carolina State University College of Management Bus 360 Marketing Methods Individual Project Progress Report Name: Alexis Wardlaw Date:2/27/11 Seat # M2 Project Product/Service: Loans and bank services Manufacturer/Provider: First Citizens Bank Information sources/contacts you are working directly with 1, Nancy Roy, Manager, First Citizens Banks, 919.716.7200 2. 3. 4. What have you compiled/completed with respect to the following? Provide complete information Company offering product/service: First Citizens Bank Product/service being marketed: Loans and bank services Market of the product/service: Businesses, consumers, financial services Position of the product/service: performance of the company and shares continue to be exceptional. Earning grew 10% Product/service marketing channels: Business to Business, Business to Consumers, websites
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Unformatted text preview: and advertisements Product/Service Marketing Program: What do you have left to do to complete your project? List each task and describe how you are going to complete it 1, Meet with contact Nancy Roy to answer a series of questions 2. Getting to personal contact with the marketing coordinator of First Citizens Bank 3. Print out a confidentiality form and present it to First Citizens Bank 4. Start writing my draft of the marketing project BUS 360Rg Project Progress Report Instructor Weems 5. Began submitting my information into the online template 6. understand the entire marketing program of First Citizens Bank 7. 8. 9. 10. I certify that the information provided on the progress report is solely my own work. Printed Name: Alexis Wardlaw Date: 2/27/11 BUS 360 Project Progress Report Instructor Weems 2...
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This note was uploaded on 02/01/2012 for the course BUS 360 taught by Professor Kimbrough during the Spring '08 term at N.C. State.

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BUS 360 project progress report - and advertisements...

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