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BUS360_indiviual project plan

BUS360_indiviual project plan - Raleigh NC 27612...

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North Carolina State University Poole College of Management Bus 360 Marketing Methods Individual Project Plan Name: Alexis Unique Wardlaw Date: 1/27/11 Seat #: M2 Product Selected: Stained Art Glass Who product is manufactured by: CG & D Studios Why product was selected: I choose this product because the stained glass is made and sold within this one company whom has been in business for only three years. CG & D Studios has great potential to grow and I want to capture this moment in the economy as this beginning company expands. Primary users of the product: Individual consumers, churches, schools, businesses How is the product currently marketed Online Name/title/address/phone number of product contact person: JR Oakes General Manager 6969 Glenwood Ave.
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Unformatted text preview: Raleigh, NC 27612 919.852.5353 Your steps and schedule for completing this project: 1. Review website 2. Find out more about the product 3. Understand the market for stained glass 4. Understand the supply and demand for stained glass within the current economy 5. Make a list of questions to satisfy the marketing project 6. Get organized 7. Make an appointment with the contact person 8. Become confident with CG & D studios 9. Gather all necessary information to complete marketing project 10. Start working to fill in the marketing project template 11. Complete progress reports on time 12. Strive to do my best ability and take advantage of this project 13. 14. 15. Bus 360Rg Individual Project Instructor: Weems...
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