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Unformatted text preview: North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter 10 Assignment Chapter 10: Developing New Products Enter your name, Section and Date: Alexis Wardlaw Bus 360-001 3/17/2011 Assignment: Go to the website www.hotproductnews.com . Pick a new product that you believe to be interesting and innovative. Answer the following questions. 1. To what extent does the product you selected follow the five key rules of design found in Adding Value 10.1 on page 195 of your text book? 2. Discuss to what extent the brand name for the product you picked helps the marketing of the product, how does it do that, and do you believe it is effective and why. Number your answers and enter below 1. The product I selected is a new wireless cell phone device made by T-Mobile called the Galaxy S 4G. The five key rules of design for T-Mobile include • Utility : Each feature must convey its function clearly to the user “With Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile will deliver its fastest smart phone yet on America’s largest 4G...
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