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BUS360RgChptr15Asgnmnt - the consumer 2 The Phelps Group...

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North Carolina State University College of Management BUS 360 Marketing Methods Chapter 15 Assignment Chapter 15: Integrated Marketing Communications Enter your name, Section and Date: Alexis Unique Wardlaw Bus 360-001 4/17/11 Assignment: Go to the web site for the Phelps Group, www.thephelpsgroup.com . Click on “Case Studies”. Select Health Care and the Blue Cross case and answer the following questions. 1. Which were their communication goals for this case? 2. Which of the IMC components do you believe used in that particular campaign? 3. How do those components contribute to the success of the IMC campaign in achieving its stated goals? Number your answers and enter below 1. The communication goals that the Blue Cross case portrayed on the above website were to increasing sales and awareness of their marketing services. This case provided a example in how The Phelps Group can develop a marketing problem into positive results for the one’s company. This is portrayed by listing an example of Blue Cross Blue Shield case to relate with
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Unformatted text preview: the consumer. 2. The Phelps Group main goal for communicating with the audience through this campaign is done through direct marketing to various businesses. This case is personalized to attract other companies. The goal of this marketing company is to persuade companies to request their advertising services through electronic media. 3. The Phelps group increase awareness of their marketing services through the internet which is an advantage because they can personalize their message to a particular customer. Connecting with the customer is important to increase awareness of one’s company. Giving examples of population growth and decrease in cost increase interest of the consumer and eventually lead them to action which increases the Phelps Group’s sales. I certify that I completed this Chapter exercise without assistance from anyone and that these answers are solely my own work. Name: Alexis Unique Wardlaw Date: 4/17/11 BUS 360Rg Chapter 15 Assignment – Instructor: Weems...
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