Eng332_BoaBoa final draft

Eng332_BoaBoa final draft - BoaBoa 21 st Century Financing...

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Unformatted text preview: BoaBoa 21 st Century Financing and Homeland security Alexis Wardlaw 7/6/2011 ENG 332 Homeland Security With the oil refinerary increasing the profits of BoaBoa, housing will expand, economic development will increase and therefore the protection of Boains shall expand as well. The Homeland security of BoaBoa in the 21 st century would consists of three different areas of protection listed as follows: • Police Force • Militia • Cyber Security The police force handles white collar crimes that include identification theft, investment scams and banking security they also detects explosives and uncovers terrorist threats. The Boain Police Force (BPF) will also protect the citizens of BoaBoa from trafficking people, cash, drugs and weapons. The boarder will be protected by the collaboration of a neighboring country’s coastguards and BPF. The small militia handles natural disasters and provides housing and health services for emergencies. Finally, the cyber security division protects the internet from privacy issues and hacking abilities. The headquarters of Homeland security will be located on the East side of BoaBoa in Alphaville and to increase the police force, we will recruit some of the 200,000 islanders...
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Eng332_BoaBoa final draft - BoaBoa 21 st Century Financing...

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