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Enron Play Extra Credit Alexis Wardlaw 9/28/2011 ACC 340 Enron play by Lucy Prebble Enron started in the heart of Huston Texas and in the 1990’s a new administration was elected. His name was Jeffrey Skilling. Jeff wanted to take Enron into a new industry of trading electricity which led into the Enron Scandal of 2001. I believe that Jeff felt the pressure of his surroundings and wanted to cover the fact that his ideas were not yet profitable. Therefore Jeff and his CFO Andy decided to create a virtual mistress to seal the gap between perception and reality. In August, Jeff resigned which decreases the stock price and the company lost 60% of its value. The company eventually declared bankruptcy and employees lost their jobs and retirement plans. Andy (CFO), Ken (owner) and Jeff (President) were all arrested for fraud in which Ken overdosed and died, Andy accepted a plea bargain for 6 yrs and Jeff received 24 years in prison which is the longest sentence in history for a corporate crime.
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Unformatted text preview: The scene that I personally enjoyed the most was the scene with Andy and his imaginary company LJM. His rectors were symbolized as paper dinosaurs which made noises every time someone besides Andy entered his basement office. Andy was a person that was disorganized and he was not a people person. Andy was socially awkward with everyone he had contact with however, he was knowledgeable within the finance department. Andy’s rectors were hungry for money and consumed the debt of Enron. Overall I highly enjoyed this play and I am excited that I was able to witness a production as such. I have always heard of The Enron Scandal through various accounting textbooks but I did not know the depth and details of the events that took place. Attending this extra credit production by the Burning Coal Theatre Company at the Murphy School was an excellent opportunity. Thank you for providing an extra credit opportunity to your Acc 340 students, especially one that is interesting and exciting....
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