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ACC 340 McCloud Activity One

ACC 340 McCloud Activity One - No Wareho Mgt Enter data...

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Activity Processing Entity Performing Activity Group 1: Capture Order Enter order information via the internet No Customer Orders are automatically recorded in a sales order transaction file Yes ERP System Generate/send email of sale order to customer Yes ERP System Sale order automatically printed out in the customer service dept. Yes ERP System Customer Service files copy by customer name and date No C. S. Clerk Automatically create a picking ticket printed in warehouse Yes ERP System Pick ordered items from shelves No Personnel Scan barcodes of items pulled to update perpetual inventory file No Personnel Initialed picking ticket and complete work order requesting prod. No Personnel Initialed by warehouse manager and forwarded to production dept.
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Unformatted text preview: No Wareho. Mgt Enter data from the picking into ERP System No Shipp. Clerk Records the data in respective packing slip and BOL transaction fil Yes ERP System Prints 3part packing slip and 3 part BOL Yes ERP System Copies of packing slip are distributed No Shipp. Clerk Initials the picking ticket and forwards it to acc. rec. department No Shipp. Clerk Uses packing slip to pull matching sales order No Cust. Clerk Enters data from matched documents for updating EPS System No Cust. Clerk Generates and send email to customer that shipment is on the way Yes ESP System Files matched documents by customer name and then date No Cust. Clerk...
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