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A. Unique Wardlaw 9/8/2010 AFS 346 Do you think that we should consider drug possession and use as a criminal justice issue as it is currently considered or should we change the focus to view it as a mental health issue? State the reasons for your position. We are excluding drug dealers from this discussion. Focus only on individuals who are drug users and abusers. With the unemployment rates peaking at a high 40% in the urban areas, where most drug possession is accounted for, I believe that if America was to treat drug possession as a mental health issue more uses would stop using. The reason why I say this is because most people do not want to be categorized as mentally unstable and would view this stereotype as embarrassing.
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Unformatted text preview: The more users who are embarrassed the more users will stop using drugs. No one wants to be a known as a mentally insane person and no one wants to be seen with one, especially within the black culture. I feel that African Americans are most concerned with their reputation and how others view themselves. As more users become drug free the economy will get better, unemployment rates will decline because drug users can now get a decent jobs and pass the drug test and a mental health problem would not look as bad on their resume as does a drug passion charge.`y687]’ ;p...
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