AFS 346 Final Exam Paper

AFS 346 Final Exam Paper - A. Unique Wardlaw 12/15/2010 AFS...

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A. Unique Wardlaw 12/15/2010 AFS 346 Final Exam AFS 346 Being enrolled into Black Popular Culture has tremendously opened my eyes to various activities, stereotypes and privileges within the world today. As I began to recap over the semester on what I have learned, I noticed that I am much more aware of my surroundings. Being aware of situations taking place around the world is the only way that the youth can change the world; but as Dr. Powell states, “you young people cannot just be educated without making a difference, what is the point of knowing about certain things and not trying to change them?” Black Culture is a way of life that has been taken from the mother land and forced into America. As we have developed into America, we, as black people, have forgotten and demolished our culture. In Africa, the black culture all worked together for the village as a whole to be successful. Black men grow their sons as men and stayed around for their women. The black society today is an “eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”, majority of black men do not stay around for their children or families, women are like notches to a belt, and as black men become more in demand, they do not find a reason in settling down to have a family. Even though African Americans try and have their own culture within America, it is not the same culture as our ancestors in Africa. This culture has been created within America as if we made it from scratch; we have lost our backbone, we do not have many black leaders today, single parent
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AFS 346 Final Exam Paper - A. Unique Wardlaw 12/15/2010 AFS...

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