AFS 346 quiz paper sept 21

AFS 346 quiz paper sept 21 - Are we at the point today that...

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Unformatted text preview: Are we at the point today that we need to consider dress codes for college students. Do you think that white kids are listening to more rap music today and has it improved race relationships? Even though the poverty rate in urban areas today has sky rocked to around 60%, many young people in America today are materialistic. Many of our values are based around new clothes, shoes, cars, houses and laptops or Ipods. Furthermore, materialistic values are danced around on T.V while real people, who are struggling to pay bills, are reminded every day and minute about the things that they might be missing out on. I believe if universities would consider dress codes for college students, more students would care less about their appearances. With every student on a college campus wearing a required standard uniform I stand to believe that more of the...
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