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Review of Charles Searles program A. Unique Wardlaw 9/1/10 Charles Searles was born in 1937 and died in 2004. On August 31 st North Carolina State University held an educational program in honor of this wonderful artist. State also housed some of his artwork in the upstairs museum and toured an audience of students and faculty around to experience Searles artwork. After glazing upon many of Charles’ work I felt a rush of excitement to actually see the work of an African American in an artistic ability. I am so accustom to the stereotype of many African Americans being in the entertainment business that I tend to overlook many other people in our black community with deeper talents than just rapping or singing. I believe a lot of the younger generation as a whole also forget that there is much more to being famous than entertainment or sports. This makes me feel as if we had more publication of talents, like art on television, many more adults of the young generation might be exposed to other branches of fame and not just the glamorous side. I also noticed in all of the paintings that the people present were all African Americans,
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