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A. Unique Wardlaw The Pound Cake Speech Aug 31 st 2010 AFS 346 When I read this speech presented by Bill Cosby in 2004 I did not know what to say. At first I started to think that Bill was wrong. He did not have to call all those people out. He did not have to tell the parents of the world to start parenting instead of being friends their children. I felt like Bill was disrespecting the youth by referring to our baggy jeans and tight skirts, making jokes about the guy who got shot over pound cake and misunderstanding our slang of the 20 th century. I actually began to understand why this speech caused so much controversy and social deficiencies, the way Cosby stood up in front of the whole world at Washington D.C and condemned his own culture. Then I stopped and reflected and actually began to think about what Mr. Cosby was trying to say. After all that our ancestors have done for us, fighting to make the minorities equal in this world, sacrificing themselves for us to have the American dream and this is how we repay them.
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