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Soc 204 Family Paper - A Unique Wardaw Soc 204 Family...

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A. Unique Wardaw Soc 204 4/20/10 Family project paper The demographic data for my family of ten is as follows, the first generation consists of Iris Wardlaw, Curtis Logan and Bonny Wardlaw. The second generation includes Regina Wardlaw, Rickie Hines, Jerome Carson, Victor Wood, Candy and Eddie McEntrye and Curtis Logan Jr. The third generation contains Me, Unique Wardlaw, Rickie Wardlaw, Brittany Jones, Edmund McEntrye, Jasmine McEntrye, and Jamund McEntrye and the last and final generation only encloses Amiya Wardlaw. The information that I obtained to create this family paper was retrieved from my grandmother and grandfather, my mother and brother and from my oldest cousin Edmund McEntrye. My parental father’s information is disclosed from this paper because I am not close to the paternal side of my family. I have been withdrawn from my father since I was a child and since he has divorced, he has just recently been trying to connect with me and come back into my life as an adult. As you will see, there had also been withdrawn information about my two deceased family members simply because it is a sensitive topic for my family to converse about. No one ever brings up these members in conversation because everyone knows to avoid this topic or else family time would not go as smoothly as everyone has planned. If any of the deceased family member’s names is brought up upon family occasions, there would be immediate silence and awkwardness brought upon the gathering. For an example, if I was to ask about my deceased uncle, Curtis Logan Jr., at a family holiday dinner in which the whole family is present, everyone who drop their fork and remain silent until the subject is changed. On November the 12 th 1989 I, Alexis Unique Wardlaw was born in Memorial Mission Hospital located in Asheville North Carolina. I was delivered in the hands of Regina Wardlaw and Jerome Carson. Weighing only two pounds and three ounces the doctors declared that I was premature and that I only had a 50/50 chance of surviving. The doctor also revealed that even if I
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A. Unique Wardaw Soc 204 4/20/10 Family project paper did survive I would be mentally disabled and a year behind others my age. During the time that I stayed in intensive care, my grandmother and I, whom I call Mama Iris, grew a special bond. With me being the first born of my mother’s, she did not know how to handle such a fragile baby, which allowed Mama Iris time to step in and take control. Mama Iris visited me in the hospital every single day while I was in intensive care, and she feed and rocked me to sleep every night. I was her heart, her third grandbaby and she even gave me my middle name, Unique. When I was finally big enough to go home, weighing five pounds, my mother and I went to go live with my grandparents, Mama Iris and Bonny Wardlaw, whom I call Papa. While living with my grandparents we went to Forest City, NC every weekend to visit with my extended family members, Eddie and Candy McEntyre, whom are my aunt and uncle. While in Forest City
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Soc 204 Family Paper - A Unique Wardaw Soc 204 Family...

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