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MEA 101 Dialog play # 4 Topic: Asteroids and Comets and other near earth objects [One normal, general, ordinary day on planet Earth- everything is calm, cool and collected- except for beyond the atmosphere…where two NEO’s are approaching earth a full speed.] Asteroid: Ugh! I’m soo excited! I am now at full speed (17 km/s) and am approaching Earth with no fair warning! These humans are going to be soo surprised…I can’t wait to see their faces! [A quick whistle zooms past Mr. Asteroid] Comet: Not if I get there first! Asteroid: Huh?! [Looks around] Who said that?? Comet: Me! You slow turtle-you can’t see me because I am currently moving at 50 km/s! Ha! I am going to ruin your surprise party and you can do nothing about it! Asteroid: OH! Really? Hahahaha- I know who you are now, by the 50 km/s speed you have to be a lossey comet! You are no competition for me! Hahahaha-even with you winning the race, I will do the most damage, crazy comets!
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