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MEA 110 preLab 6 - environmental effects at a global scale...

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MEA 110 Lab 6: Weathering Field Trip Name (print and sign): _____ A. Unique Wardlaw___ _________________ Preclass Activity: Geological Rates (4 pts) Some geological events occur infrequently but catastrophically and affect large regions – these are rare, high-magnitude events. Other geological processes take place continuously and result in small, imperceptible changes that are only apparent when viewed over thousands or millions of years – these are frequent, low-magnitude events and may occur at a range of scales. a) Identify and describe an example of a rare, high magnitude geological event that occurs at a regional or global scale. ScienceDaily (Sep. 21, 2009) — Scientists have found the "Rosetta Stone" of supervolcanoes, those giant pockmarks in the Earth's surface produced by rare and massive explosive eruptions that rank among nature's most violent events. The eruptions produce devastation on a regional scale — and possibly trigger climatic and
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Unformatted text preview: environmental effects at a global scale. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/09/090921093600.htm b) Identify and describe an example of a frequent, low magnitude event that occurs at a regional or global scale. flooding that occurs every couple of years that contributes to the endemic poverty . ... potential for more frequent , low-magnitude flood and drought events . www.proventionconsortium.org/themes/default/. ../ISET_wp03_resilience.pdf c) What do scientists mean when they use the term rate ? d) Give an example of how you would go about calculating the rate of plate motion. Dividing the distance the plate traveled by the time it took to travel (indicated by the age of the rocks) gives the rate of plate motion. http://www.classzone.com/books/earth_science/terc/content/investigations/es0810/es0810page04.cfm?chapter_no=investigation...
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