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mea final review - 18 Which of the following is an anion...

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18). Which of the following is an anion? Choose among . ... [A] CaCO 3 ….... ./ B] H 4 SiO 4 o ….... ./C] K + ….... ./D] (Mg,Fe) 2 SiO 4 …... ./E] HCO 3 - . 20). On the seafloor, basalt typically extrudes in a sequence of blobs (Fig. 8), as does toothpaste, when squeezed from an old tube. Individual basaltic blobs have dimensions on the order of a meter or two and are called pillows. If you wanted to find ancient pillow basalt exposed in rock outcrop within North Carolina, the best place to look would be . .. [A] between Wilson (40 miles east of Raleigh) and Charlotte. . .. ./B] east of Wilson . . .. ./C] between Charlotte and Asheville (west of Charlotte by 120 miles [200 km]). . .. ./D] just west of Asheville. Fig. 8. Blobs of Basalt Extruded onto the Seafloor Scale 1 : 50 40). Fig. 15 illustrates a view of a meander cutoff from an airplane window. If you were to observe such a high frequency of meandering, you probably would be flying over . .. (A) the Neuse River in Wake County. . .. . (B) the Rio Grande River in northern New Mexico. ... . (C) the Columbia River in eastern Washington State . . .. . (D) the Brazos River near Houston, TX. Fig. 15. Plan View of a Meander Cutoff along a River 47). The flow paths under the lake in Fig. 17 are shown to be rising. Imagine that the illustrated lake were manmade due to construction of a dam, like the lakes on Centennial Campus of NCSU. If such a dam were to be removed, this figure indicates that . .. (A) the land would remain permanently damp… /B) the land would become as dry as the land adjacent to the former lake … /C) a new lake would form because the rising water would cause so much erosion that sediment would pile up until a natural dam would replace the manmade dam. Fig. 17. Typical Flow Paths for Groundwater Approaching a Lake Bottom
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not illustrated here is . .. (A) barchan … /B) star … /C) transverse … /D) sintic … /E) parabolic. Fig. 20. Morphological Types of Sand Dunes 62). According to Plate Tectonics, western California presently is being deformed as shown on the right-hand side of Fig. 24. Which of the following areas is presently being deformed as illustrated on the left-hand side? Choose among . .. (A) western Oregon … /B) eastern California … /C) Dead Sea-Jordan River rift valley in the Middle East … /D) the English Channel … /E) the Amazon River basin. Fig. 24. Left-lateral and Right-lateral Strike-slip Faults 64). As illustrated in Fig. 26, the most common model of a seismograph has a weighted pen which dangles loosely onto a rotating drum. The paper-lined drum vibrates with the shaking ground but the pen does not vibrate much during the earthquake because . .. (A) of its inertia … /B) it is kept at a lower temperature than the drum … /C) it is much heavier than the drum /D) it contains ink made from molten lead instead of regular ink. Fig. 26.
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mea final review - 18 Which of the following is an anion...

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