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STS 323 ACROSS Proposal Evaluation

STS 323 ACROSS Proposal Evaluation - Alexis Wardlaw ACROSS...

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Alexis Wardlaw 10/20/11 ACROSS Proposal Evaluation STS 323 Merit of goals The goals that are being discussed within this proposal written by the ACROSS organization are relevant to the natives of Sudan and surrounding countries. The proposal is simply offering to implement health care services to the country of Sudan. There is currently only one health clinic located in this country and five dressing stations with insufficient amount of supplies. Even though this request has not been made by the people of this country, it has been requested by the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Association, which has been responsible for health care in the Boma District since 1972. Prospects for the goals being met Implementing this project and the goals of ACROSS organization will not only provide increased health care services to Sudan but also increase the number of health trained natives within this county. Advantages of new health facilities include decreasing the mortality rate of this developing county and increasing health knowledge within the population of Sudan. Participatory involvement in planning and execution
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