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Ashley Reaves Lecture Alexis Wardlaw 11/29/2011 Ashley Reaves Leture 11/17/11 After reviewing the African Adventures lecture presented by Ashley Reaves, the piece of information that stood out to me the most is the fact that Liberia’s civil war just recently ended in 2003. The destruction that Liberia has been through within this twenty first century surprised me tremendously because this is my first time hearing about this information. After researching more in depth about the civil war of Liberia and the devastation that occurred it came to my attention that not only are the road systems destroyed but also the health care system. Shortages of health
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Unformatted text preview: workers and muddy roads have caused thousands of women to die unnecessarily from child birth complications. This war gave Liberia the worlds third highest maternal mortality ratio, which lead to implementations of The Nehnwaa Child Survival Project. This project will improve the health of women and children in Nimba County by training health care teams and providing community health workers and midwives to assist mothers in child-bearing labor.
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