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STS 323 Midterm #1 Study guide

STS 323 Midterm #1 Study guide - The major topics(in a...

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The major topics (in a general kind of way…) you should be studying as you prepare for your exam are listed below. 1.Crops that literally stand between humankind & starvation, including the nutritional traits, center of origin & diversity, & overall growth requirements of those we discussed. Why must this location be protected? Cereal Grain (Rice, Wheat, Corn, Millet, Grain Sorghum) Rice Southeast Asia Flooded Upland Wheat Mesopotamia Hard red winter; soft red winter, durum Corn Mexico Millet China Grain Sorghum Africa Legume (utilize N2 through biological nitrogen fixation) get N2 and give stuff to bacteria (leave N2 in soil) Soybean China Indeterminate, determinate Peanut South America Beans (many types) South America Peas (many types) Mediterranean Winged bean Africa / Asia Root/tuber ( Potatoes white or sweet, Cassava bitter or sweet) White potato South America Sweet potato South America Cassava South America Sugar ( cane, beet) Sugarcane Carribbean Sugarbeet Europe Pasture/forage Tree (food plant i.e: bananas, nuts) Alternative (rape, Jatropha) 2. Distinguish between kwashiorkor and marasmus, & in general, how to prevent each. Both are protein energy malnutrition marasmus is characterized by dry skin and loose skin folds hanging over the buttocks Kwashiorkor is characterized by edema, enlarged liver with fatty infiltrates 3.Value of the 4-crop rotation perfected at IRRI (Los Banos, Philippines), & also the value to utilizing crop rotational sequences in general to sustaining food production. 4.Value of intercropping leuceana (& other legumes) w/ maize (perfected at IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria, & also in Uganda). Be able to explain precisely why the legume benefits the grain. Also, know (in general) why the legume does not need fertilizer nitrogen under certain circumstances. What are these conditions?
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