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Assignment # 2 Group 27 Bernal, James Tompkins, Equan Vinci, John Wardlaw, Alexis Allen, Anthony Executive Pay Dodd-Frank financial reform In an article published in, The New York Times and written by Louise Story, Dated, March 3, 2011, called Executive Pay, it was indicated that executive pay practices might have lead to excessive risk taking by corporations and the financial crisis. The following are excerpts from her article: ‘President Obama has said that executive pay packages encouraging excessive risk led to the practices responsible for the financial crisis, and his administration has looked for ways to curb executive pay.” “As part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, the SEC is hashing out regulations that would require all public companies to disclose their policies. Congress inserted the rule in the bill to discourage executives from hedging the stock that they own. The final S.E.C. proposal is anticipated during the second half of 2011.”
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