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To Protect & Cure EDIT RS’ NOTE For more than two millennia, physicians have been healing patients—pledg- ing to protect and cure under the terms set forth by the oath Hippocrates crafted nearly 500 years before Christ. Today,doctors have at their disposal methods of diagnosis and treatment un- paralleled in the history of mankind. We can cure blindness, scan the brain and operate on a beating heart. And yet, there has never been such disparity between the care that is possible and the care that most people on earth receive. How our medicine is distributed—the treatment and personnel necessary to deliver it—is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. The challenges are scientific, political, social, religious and economic—after all, healthy people are happier and more productive, and the benchmark of a successful society. To explore these issues, we first turned to a panel of specialists, asking them to © 2010 World Policy Institute 1 Summer 10-FINAL061810:Summer 08.qxd 6/18/2010 3:22 PM Page 1
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  • GaryMoncrief
  • World Health Organization, Summer 08.qxd, pressing global health, World Policy Institute, Gaza blockade—a nation

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